Could Dairy Products Reduce Fertility

Cheese Can Reduce Fertility

Bad news for Cheese lovers….

cheese lower sex drive

Eating just 3 portions of full fat dairy products a day including cheese and milk can have a  marked impact on fertility, compared to those who don’t eat as much dairy.

A recent study carried out at Harvard University has brought to light that dairy products particularly cheese could lower a man’s chances of fathering a child.

Results from the study on healthy young men aged between 19 and 25 revealed that those who ate more than 3 portions of dairy a day produced 25% less sperm of poorer quality and motility than those in the study who ate less.

This is because milk naturally contains high amounts of oestrogen the female hormone. As well as trace elements of free radicals, pesticides and heavy metals.

Which could well be the cause for a male’s lack of fertility.

Despite issues with dairy products and fertility in the past, these new findings of the study are still being disputed.

Dr Allen Pacey of the British Fertility Society rubbished the claims that men eating a lot of dairy would not be able to father a child and that it wasn’t necessary to give up dairy altogether. Though he did agreed that consuming excessive amounts of dairy could potentially reduce sperm quality.

Whether men who want children should cut down on dairy, the jury is still out.

We think everything in moderation.

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