Do Vegetarians Have Better Sex

Tofu Can Boost Your Sex Life!

Are Vegetarians Better Lovers?

vegetarians make better lovers

Vegetarians and people who eat a lot of plant-based foods such as Tofu could enjoy a better sex life than their fellow meat eaters. The findings show that certain plant extracts can boost hormone levels and boost sexual desire.

The research was published in the ‘Hormones and Behavior’ journal that found a link between the sex hormones phytoestrogens that are found in plants and sexual behaviour in primates.

Michael Wasserman, a graduate student of UC Berkeley’s Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management conducted an experiment over the space of 11 months, on a group of red colombus monkeys in Uganda.

They monitored what the monkeys ate, how often they mated and how much time they spent grooming.

The red colombus monkeys were feasting on Millettia dura leaves of a tropical tree that contained compounds similar to oestrogen that is found in Soy based products and they were found to have higher levels of estradiol ‘the sex hormone’ and cortisol the ‘stress hormone.’

This study revealed that the altered hormone levels caused the monkeys to spend a lot more time mating than grooming and that it could have the same effects on humans. 

These findings prove that Vegetarian men or men that consumed large amount of veg could be better in bed than their meat eating counterparts. Animal charity PETA claim that veg is the key to virility. 

PETA believe that the cholesterol found in meat and dairy products clog the arteries and hamper blood flow to round the body, affecting erection function and the ability to perform sexually.

Vegans are also, on average, fitter and slimmer than meat-eaters and less prone to heart disease, strokes, diabetes, obesity and cancer, the charity claims. 

vegan men make better lovers

PETA UK associate director Mimi Bekhechi claims that Vegans (those who do not eat foods containing any animal fat whatsoever) have the upper hand when it comes to matters in the bedroom. 

She says; ”When it comes to making love, carnivores can be as sluggish as the blood trying to squeeze through their clogged arteries – but vegans have the stamina to keep the party going all night long.”

The charity strongly maintains that Vegans are also, on average, fitter, healthier and slimmer than those who eat meat and are less at risk of heart disease, strokes, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

The Link Between Food And Sexual Ability

And it’s not the first time evidence has come to light about the effects food can have on your sex life. Recently, The Daily Mail ran another feature highlighting the effects that full fat dairy products can have on male fertility.. 

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