Penis Pump Vs Penis Extender

Penis Pump Or Penis Extender – Which Is Right For Me?

Penis Pumps and Penis Extenders both have the same idea – to enlarge the penis but punp vs extenderwork in two different ways to improve erection quality and ultimately, penis size.

Depending on your individual needs, read on to distinguish the differences between both methods and which one will give you the results you desire.

How Does A Penis Pump Work?

A Penis pump uses the power of vacuum and suction in a anatomically shaped device to aid larger and longer-lasting erections, particularly useful for those with ED (Erectile Dysfunction). The vacuum forces extra blood into the penis, improving erections and overall penis size. Some penis pumps are specifically designed to be worn in the bath or shower, these are generally considered to be the most effective. Initial results can be visible after a few minutes of use although at first, these results are temporary.  With frequent use, permanent enlargement of the penis can be achieved.

How Does A Penis Extender Work? 

A penis extender uses the traditional method of traction to gently and permanently enlarge and lengthen the penis by using a continuous but gentle pulling pressure. It can successfully treat Peyronie’s Disease (curvature of the penis) as well as ED. A penis extender is designed to be worn for long periods of time, even while sleeping and will remain unseen under loose fitting trousers.

Why Use A Penis Enlargement Device?

Anyone dissatisfied with their penis size and/or those who suffer with erection problems can almost certainly benefit from a penis enlargement device. They make a safe and couple in bed smilingnon-invasive alternative to risky penile surgery and with today’s penis pumps and penis extenders are incredibly comfortable and can accommodate almost any penis size large or small.

How Long Until I See Results?

A penis pump can give you a noticeably larger erection in a matter of minutes, though permanent gains will not usually be seen before 4 – 6 months of regular use.

Penis extenders can give the wearer gains of up to 3″ in length although penis extenders are a long-term commitment and should be worn daily for as long as possible to attain the very best results. Though after a few weeks, small increases in size can be seen, it is not a quick fix and can take up to 6 months of daily wear to reach maximum size. However, for those unhappy with their penis size, a penis extender may give you the penis you have always dreamed of.

What About The Price?

Compared with exorbitant prices of surgery, prices of such devices are very reasonable. High quality penis extenders range from £120-300, depending on your budget. It is preferable to go for a penis extender that offers a range of comfort settings rather than a silicone loop to secure the device, as penis extenders need to be worn for prolonged periods  , the device needs to feel comfortable and be secure.

Penis pumps are a lot cheaper in comparison, starting at around £75. The most recommended penis pumps are ones that can be used in the bath or shower as these use the water to support the penis while it extends.

In Conclusion…

There’s no doubt that both methods of penis enlargement can help promote bigger, harder erections and produce permanent gains.

Those who are very concerned with the size of their penis, or suffer from Peyronie’s disease should opt for a penis extender. Those with erectile problems and are looking for a cheaper option of penis enhancement would most benefit from a penis pump.

Our Recommended Devices

Penometpenomet penis pump

Penomet is a unique penis vacuum device specifically designed for use with water. Safe,
comfortable to wear and suitable for all sizes, Penomet can provide the wearer with visibly larger, harder erections within minutes.

One of the most affordable penis pumps starting at £79, it also offers buyers a lengthy 12 month cash-back guarantee.  

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Size Genetics

size geneticsSize Genetics is a medically approved penis extender that was originally designed to treat curvature of the penis (Peyronie’s disease) that offers permanent enlargement of up to 3″.

Size Genetics boasts its own patented 16-way comfort system making it the most comfortable traction device available.

Size Genetics devices start at £127 with a 6 month money-back guarantee.

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