Size Genetics Review UK

Size Genetics Penis Extender Review

What Is Size Genetics?

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Size Genetics is a unique medical penis extending device that originates from Denmark, it is nothing new –it was created over 14 years ago to correct a range of penile issues. e.g.) to aid the healing process after surgery, to help lengthen a very small or underdeveloped penis (Micro Penis) and is also proven to help correct curvature of the penis, AKA: Peyronie’s disease.

“The Rolls Royce Of Penis Enlargement Devices “- Jonathan Ross

It is a clinically proven, type 1 medical device that meets all required medical standards. Size Genetics is a highly praised and commended product by thousands of doctors and medical professional worldwide. The Size Genetics device is truly revolutionary in its field as it has had considerable press and TV coverage.

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How Does Size Genetics Work?

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The time-honoured tradition of traction (pulling and/or stretching) to permanently lengthen and stretch necks, limbs, lips and ear lobes as practiced for many centuries (and still today) by various native tribes around the world, the Size Genetics device works in exactly the same way.

When the Size Genetics device is fitted to the penis, the gentle and continuous stream of traction gradually forces the penile cell tissues to divide and reproduce brand new skin tissue and blood cells.

This in turn increases the overall bulk, width and length of the penis.

Is The Method Of Traction Safe?

Yes, without a doubt. Traction is frequently used by surgeons to treat and correct many bone, muscle and skeletal disorders caused through injury or deformities at birth.

How Long Until I Start To See Results From The Size Genetics System?

This all depends on what sort of gains the individual would like to achieve and the duration that the device is worn for. It can take up to 6 months to see optimum results but many users have experienced noticeable results in penis length and girth in just two weeks.

Will The Size Genetics Device Feel Comfortable To Wear?

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Of course! The device has been anatomically designed to fit all shapes and sizes comfortably and securely. The securing strap that holds the device in place is extremely comfortable to wear, even after a period extended wear unlike some of the older and poorer quality devices that use a silicone loop that can cause a great deal of discomfort even after wearing the device for a short time.

How Big Can I Expect To Get With Size Genetics?

The end result really depends on how dedicated you are to regularly and consistently wearing the device. If the device is worn each day for 6 months, penis gains of 2” and 3” inches are generally achieved. The same goes for the girth of the penis which naturally increases with the overall length of the penis.

What Is The Guarantee if Size Genetics Does Not Work For Me?

Because it can take up to 6 months for any considerable gains to take place, the buyer should be prepared for this before purchasing. The manufacturers offer their buyers a full 6 month money back guarantee to give the Size Genetics system the best possible chance of working for them, if after this time, gains are unsatisfactory you will receive your money back in full – no questions asked!

Where Can I Get Size Genetics?

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Size Genetics cannot be purchased from any high street store.

It is at present, only available from the official website. Shipping is worldwide as Size Genetics have offices in both the UK and the USA making the delivery simple, efficient and discreet as Size Genetics have the utmost respect for your privacy.

Prices start from $199.00 (£159.99)

You can order the device online, by phone, by post or fax. It’s so easy!

Not to mention the manufacturers offer round the clock customer service line available for any queries or concerns you may have.

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