Spider Venom Cure For Erectile Dysfunction

Can Deadly Spider Venom Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

It may seem like an odd treabrazilian wandering spidertment for Erectile Dysfunction, but a feature in the Daily Mail Online revealed that scientists have discovered that venom from one of the world’s deadliest spiders could be the answer to curing ED related problems.

The Brazilian Wandering Spider or Phoneutria nigriventer kills more people than any other arachid of its kind. When bitten, it kills most people within an hour unless medical treatment is sought immediately. It is nicknamed the Banana Spider as it has a habit of hiding in shipments of bananas.

In the UK, one in 10 men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

When victims of the spider reported drastic improvements in their sex lives, scientists decided to investigate. It has been discovered that the spider’s poisonous venom produces toxins that have a blood-boosting effect. On lab tests on rats with ED, the toxin called PnTx2-6 was injected into rats that had age-related erectile dysfunction. It dramatically boosted erections by increasing the body’s level of nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide is the chemical that boosts blood flow to the penis and dilates blood vessels aiding erections, which is exactly how popular impotence drugs such as Viagra work.┬áThe test proved that these toxins combatted the symptoms of ED within 20 minutes of entering the body.

With 30% of men taking conventional ED treatments seeing no improvement in their symptoms, a treatment using a Spider Venom extract may in the future be a viable treatment.male extra

Until Such Times

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