What Is Peyronies Disease

What Is Peyronie’s Disease?

 Discover Its Causes And Treatments

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Even if you have never heard of Peyronie’s Disease, chances are, you have heard of many men suffering from a bent or curved penis. You may even have one yourself.

This is the unfortunate and embarrassing condition known as Peyronie’s Disease.

It affects an estimated one in 100 men worldwide, it is hard to be exact with how many men suffer from the condition as It is not a conversation any man wants to be having with a woman or indeed a doctor, in fact many men suffer with this affliction in silence all their lives.

What Is Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s Disease is the formation of plaque or a hard lump that grows on the penis, either on the upper or the lower side of the penis, it is generally found inside the layers of erectile tissue.

It can cause inflammation and leave permanent hard scarring, as worrying as this sounds- it is not cancerous.

The plaque/hard lump grows on the top of the penis shaft which results in the penis either bending to one side or begins to curve upward.

This is what is also known as penile curvature or curvature of the penis. If the plaque grows on the underneath of the penis it will curve downwards.

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If the plaque is very extensive or very severe it can form on both sides of the penis which can lead to deformity, lack of flexibility and even loss of length in the penis, pain can also be experienced making sex very unpleasant and in some cases, virtually impossible.

As to why some men contract Peyronie’s Disease and others don’t remains a mystery. There is a genetic link so if Peyronie’s disease was present through most of the males in a family, there is an increased risk of you also contracting the disease, though not necessarily.

Fibrosis or scarring of tissue can make you more at risk.  Perhaps more obviously, trauma or injury to the penis can indirectly cause the plaque to develop due to excessive bleeding and damage to the lining inside the penile chambers.

Peyronie’s Disease is not always debilitating, some men can have a very mild case where after several months it may even begin to go away. At its worst, it can stop a man being able to have intercourse altogether. When this happens, sometimes intervention is needed.

Surgery is a final resort when no other treatment has worked. There are various methods of treatment depending on the individual’s case, ranging from vitamin E tablets, chemical injections to radiation therapy.  However these are not always effective.

Additionally, an insert can be placed inside the penis to straighten, make the penis more rigid and to try and restore the penis to its original position.

If you think you may be suffering from Peyronie’s Disease then help is at hand, it does not have to destroy your love life. There are some highly effective and un-invasive ways to cure Peyronie’s Disease.

These can include special penis exercises and probably the most effective way; penis traction devices.

Penis exercises based on the Arabic tradition of Jelqing, these are highly effective at both straightening and potentially lengthening your penis.

Penis traction devices have been proven to cure even the most extreme bends or curvature of the penis. Buy exerting a continuous yet gentle stretching and pulling pressure along the length of the penis, they have been medically proven to cure Peyronie’s Disease in 98% of sufferers.

There are many penis extenders available but one of the original and certainly the best; is the peyronies device made and supplied by Size Genetics.

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